2015 SoCal XC League

Hi guys, the SoCal XC League is underway for 2015.  Like last year we will have two leagues, the Sprint for pilots new to XC or task flying (must have 40hrs and EN-B wing or lower) and the XC league for more senior pilots (80 hrs or more required).  The first event will be this weekend at Marshall.  On Sunday morning I will be doing a task clinic which helps bootstrap people with the knowledge they need to use their instruments for cross country and task flying.  If you want to participate:

Step 1: Register: http://www.socalxcleague.com/new_register

Step 2: Sign up for the tasks: http://www.socalxcleague.com/xc_signup

Step 3: Sign up for the Task clinic if interested in attending:
Info on the clinic: http://www.socalxcleague.com/articles/xc_task_clinic

Hope to see you out there!