HG Storage

Below are the general requirements for renting a storage shelf at Andy Jackson Airpark:

  • Contact:  Primary contact is Kelly Tesch (HG Storage hgStorage@crestlinesoaring.org) but anyone on the CSS board can also help you. Go to the CSS Directory at the top of the CSS web page for eMail addresses for the board memebers.
  • Cost: The annual fee is $100.00 due in June, plus there is a one-time start up fee of $150.00.  So the initial cost is $250.00 then $100.00 per year to store your glider at the airpark. Exception: If you choose to store your glider on a top shelf, CSS will waive the $150.00 start-up fee.
  • Liability: The Crestline Soaring Society cannot be held respoinsible for any damage or loss of property that is placed in the HG storage containers.  Pilots are storing theire equipment at their own risk.  Any pilot storing equipment in the HG storage container must sign a waiver acknowledging this liability statement.
  • Visitors: CSS has two shelves in bin 3 (second bin from the left) that are available to visitors. They are the two lower shelves in the front, right section of the bin (3-FR-1 and 3-FR-2).  The fee for using these shelvs is $1.00 per day.

HG Storage - Bin Map

Updated 07/29/2017:

1-BL-1 Andrews Mark
1-BL-2 Speeter Garrett
1-BL-3 Visitor Storage
1-BL-4 Visitor Storage
1-BL-5 Visitor Storage
1-BL-6 Rempfer Joel
1-BL-7 Debellis Peter
1-BL-8 DeWeese Dan

1-BR-1 Davenport David
1-BR-2 Tesch Kelly
1-BR-3 Scheu Craig
1-BR-4 Noyes Dale
1-BR-5 Rhodes Dusty3
1-BR-6 Morse Owen
1-BR-7 Rhodes Dusty2
1-BR-8 Morse Hannah

1-FL-1 Borgman Jim
1-FL-2 Wright John
1-FL-3 Floyd Kim
1-FL-4 Torres Mel
1-FL-5 Rhodes Dusty
1-FL-6 Conte Russell
1-FL-7 Coe Lee
1-FL-8 Empty Bin

1-FR-1 Crouse Alan 2
1-FR-2 Dorrance John
1-FR-3 Blakely Michael
1-FR-4 Crouse Alan
1-FR-5 Williams Kevin
1-FR-6 Motlagh Al2
1-FR-7 Cobb Kenneth
1-FR-8 Coffield Alan

2-BL-1 Floyd William
2-BL-2 Pogue Maynard
2-BL-3 Born Don
2-BL-4 DeWeese Dan
2-BL-5 Embree Eugene
2-BL-6 Carpenter Kelly
2-BL-7 Carpenter Kelly2
2-BL-8 Banas Donald

2-BR-1 Visitor Storage
2-BR-2 Visitor Storage
2-BR-3 Wurr Peter
2-BR-4 Voorhees Chris
2-BR-5 Banas Donald
2-BR-6 Isbell/VanVelden Shaggy / Chris
2-BR-7 Ward Jeff
2-BR-8 DeWeese Dan2

2-FL-1 Westfall Kenny2
2-FL-2 Chan Joe
2-FL-3 Higgins Dana
2-FL-4 Mason Craig
2-FL-5 Swanson Tom
2-FL-6 Folger Tim
2-FL-7 Westfall Kenny
2-FL-8 Maloney John

2-FR-1 Williams Yuko
2-FR-2 Boehler Jeffrey
2-FR-3 Cairns Peter
2-FR-4 Anderson Gary
2-FR-5 Drindak Jon
2-FR-6 Gill Gordon
2-FR-7 Empty Bin
2-FR-8 Empty Bin

3-BL-1 Visitor Storage
3-BL-2 Visitor Storage
3-BL-3 Visitor Storage
3-BL-4 Bennett Randy
3-BL-5 Tome Michael
3-BL-6 Emery Thomas2
3-BL-7 Emery Thomas
3-BL-8 Cavanaugh Sean

3-BR-1 Boggs David
3-BR-2 Shahmohammadi Araj (AJ)
3-BR-3 Marmorstein Diana
3-BR-4 Roach Sean
3-BR-5 Cordova Jose
3-BR-6 Bether Charles JEFF
3-BR-7 Hast Chris
3-BR-8 Santee Nathan

3-FL-1 Snaza Todd
3-FL-2 Hards David
3-FL-3 Perez Augustin
3-FL-4 Bennett Randy
3-FL-5 McKenzie Rob
3-FL-6 Isbell Scott
3-FL-7 Thoe Allen
3-FL-8 Francis Mark

3-FR-1 Visitor Bin B
3-FR-2 Visitor Bin A
3-FR-3 Motlagh Al
3-FR-4 Dietch Jonathan
3-FR-5 Watkins Steve
3-FR-6 Mandracchia Joseph
3-FR-7 Rapp Michael
3-FR-8 Vimogradova Polina

4-BL-1 Empty Bin
4-BL-2 Van Belle Ashley
4-BL-3 Empty Bin
4-BL-4 Empty Bin
4-BL-5 Empty Bin
4-BL-6 Empty Bin
4-BL-7 Empty Bin

4-BR-1 Empty Bin
4-BR-2 Empty Bin
4-BR-3 Empty Bin
4-BR-4 Empty Bin
4-BR-5 Rhodes Dusty4
4-BR-6 Bratt David
4-BR-7 Empty Bin

4-FL-1 Empty Bin
4-FL-2 Empty Bin
4-FL-3 Fitzhugh Nathan
4-FL-4 Empty Bin
4-FL-5 Van Velden Chris
4-FL-6 Miralles Mario
4-FL-7 Empty Bin

4-FR-1 Empty Bin
4-FR-2 Empty Bin
4-FR-3 Cranford Jeremy
4-FR-4 Evans Tom
4-FR-5 Rhodes Dusty3
4-FR-6 Empty Bin
4-FR-7 Empty Bin


HG Storage - FAQs

Q: Do I have to be a full member of the Crestline Soaring Society to participate?
A: Yes.

Q: How much does it cost to participate?
A: There is a one time buy-in fee of $150. Then it is $100 annually.

Q: What do I get when I participate?
A: A shelf that is capable of handling two hang gliders.

Q: How do I choose a shelf?
A: Any shelf marked in green is available.

Q: May I share my shelf with a friend if I only have one wing?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to pay the buy-in fee again if I want more than one shelf?
A: No, you just need to pay another $100 annual fee for each additional shelf.

Q: Are there any discounts?
A: Yes, if you choose a top shelf, you do not need to pay the buy-in fee.

Q: May I store my paraglider too?
A: Yes, there are community shelves available for participating pilots.

Q: I am a visiting pilot, may I store my wing for a few days?
A: Yes, there are two shelves available for visiting pilots. There is a fee of $1 per day.

HG Storage - Signed Waivers

HG Storage - Visitor Shelves

The two shelves below are available for vistors. The fee is $1.00 per day.

Bin Shelf