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HG Storage - Bin Map

Updated 07/29/2017:

1-BL-1 Andrews Mark
1-BL-2 Speeter Garrett
1-BL-3 Visitor Storage
1-BL-4 Visitor Storage
1-BL-5 Visitor Storage
1-BL-6 Rempfer Joel
1-BL-7 Debellis Peter
1-BL-8 DeWeese Dan

1-BR-1 Davenport David
1-BR-2 Tesch Kelly
1-BR-3 Scheu Craig
1-BR-4 Noyes Dale
1-BR-5 Rhodes Dusty3
1-BR-6 Morse Owen
1-BR-7 Rhodes Dusty2
1-BR-8 Morse Hannah

1-FL-1 Borgman Jim
1-FL-2 Wright John
1-FL-3 Floyd Kim
1-FL-4 Torres Mel
1-FL-5 Rhodes Dusty
1-FL-6 Conte Russell
1-FL-7 Coe Lee
1-FL-8 Empty Bin

1-FR-1 Crouse Alan 2
1-FR-2 Dorrance John
1-FR-3 Blakely Michael
1-FR-4 Crouse Alan
1-FR-5 Williams Kevin
1-FR-6 Motlagh Al2
1-FR-7 Cobb Kenneth
1-FR-8 Coffield Alan

2-BL-1 Floyd William
2-BL-2 Pogue Maynard
2-BL-3 Born Don
2-BL-4 DeWeese Dan
2-BL-5 Embree Eugene
2-BL-6 Carpenter Kelly
2-BL-7 Carpenter Kelly2
2-BL-8 Banas Donald

2-BR-1 Visitor Storage
2-BR-2 Visitor Storage
2-BR-3 Wurr Peter
2-BR-4 Voorhees Chris
2-BR-5 Banas Donald
2-BR-6 Isbell/VanVelden Shaggy / Chris
2-BR-7 Ward Jeff
2-BR-8 DeWeese Dan2

2-FL-1 Westfall Kenny2
2-FL-2 Chan Joe
2-FL-3 Higgins Dana
2-FL-4 Mason Craig
2-FL-5 Swanson Tom
2-FL-6 Folger Tim
2-FL-7 Westfall Kenny
2-FL-8 Maloney John

2-FR-1 Williams Yuko
2-FR-2 Boehler Jeffrey
2-FR-3 Cairns Peter
2-FR-4 Anderson Gary
2-FR-5 Drindak Jon
2-FR-6 Gill Gordon
2-FR-7 Empty Bin
2-FR-8 Empty Bin

3-BL-1 Visitor Storage
3-BL-2 Visitor Storage
3-BL-3 Visitor Storage
3-BL-4 Bennett Randy
3-BL-5 McKenzie Dianne
3-BL-6 Emery Thomas2
3-BL-7 Emery Thomas
3-BL-8 Cavanaugh Sean

3-BR-1 Boggs David
3-BR-2 Shahmohammadi Araj (AJ)
3-BR-3 Marmorstein Diana
3-BR-4 Roach Sean
3-BR-5 Cordova Jose
3-BR-6 Bether Charles JEFF
3-BR-7 Hast Chris
3-BR-8 Santee Nathan

3-FL-1 Snaza Todd
3-FL-2 Hards David
3-FL-3 Perez Augustin
3-FL-4 Bennett Randy
3-FL-5 McKenzie Rob
3-FL-6 Isbell Scott
3-FL-7 Thoe Allen
3-FL-8 Francis Mark

3-FR-1 Visitor Bin B
3-FR-2 Visitor Bin A
3-FR-3 Motlagh Al
3-FR-4 Dietch Jonathan
3-FR-5 Watkins Steve
3-FR-6 Mandracchia Joseph
3-FR-7 Rapp Michael
3-FR-8 Vimogradova Polina

4-BL-1 Empty Bin
4-BL-2 Van Belle Ashley
4-BL-3 Empty Bin
4-BL-4 Empty Bin
4-BL-5 Empty Bin
4-BL-6 Empty Bin
4-BL-7 Empty Bin

4-BR-1 Empty Bin
4-BR-2 Empty Bin
4-BR-3 Empty Bin
4-BR-4 Empty Bin
4-BR-5 Rhodes Dusty4
4-BR-6 Bratt David
4-BR-7 Empty Bin

4-FL-1 Empty Bin
4-FL-2 Empty Bin
4-FL-3 Fitzhugh Nathan
4-FL-4 Empty Bin
4-FL-5 Van Velden Chris
4-FL-6 Miralles Mario
4-FL-7 Empty Bin

4-FR-1 Empty Bin
4-FR-2 Empty Bin
4-FR-3 Cranford Jeremy
4-FR-4 Evans Tom
4-FR-5 Rhodes Dusty3
4-FR-6 Empty Bin
4-FR-7 Empty Bin



If you want to move your glider  to one of the open racks in #4, please feel free to move, but be sure to notify Kelly ( hgStorage@crestlinesoaring.org)  with which bin you are vacating and which bin you are taking.

I put masking tape on the rack so you can write your name on the shelf to avoid confusion.

sharpie on the floor at the front of the box.