Anyone flying tomorrow (Thursday & Friday)?


Im posting this for my paraglider friends from Bay Area. 

My name is Kit from Bay Area. I'll be visiting Crestline with a group of P2 and P3 pilots tomorrow (Feb 9,10). I was wondering anyone flying tomorrow ?  l would like to get a site intro from the local pilots. Thanks in advance for your assistance.




I'm an HG pilot so I won't be good for any PG specific advice but there will likely be plenty of people around to help.  Just show up at the LZ.  You won't be alone.  

Glad to have you guys come down. If it's flyable, there will be people around so it shouldn't be a problem. Please keep in mind though that Crestline/Marshall is an H3/P3 site. H2/P2 pilots need instructor supervision/signoff. See -

I recommend contacting Stephen Nowak, local PG instructor. eatflysleep - at gmail