Thursday, 9 feb


Warm! Full McKenzie van ride up. Good, slightly switchy, breeze at Crestline, maybe 20ish. No dramas for any of us as far as I could tell. I was glad to have Burce assist me off about 2:15. Blue sky between lenticular and cirrus clouds. Had about an hour of easy, mainly smooth, ridge soaring, occasional shuddery, up to hundreds over. A marine haze flowed in around 3pm, high clouds partially blocked the sun. The spine off of Cloud was working good another half hour then shut down shaded by cloud. Very green in the foothills, some chaparral shrubs are blooming. Lots of new WillsWing gliders out on the lawn at the end of a very nice day.


more pics

Yeah, it was a good day.  Weak thermals down low.  Good soaring for a 2-hour period mid-afternoon.  Lots of SE 2-5 in the LZ - typical pre-frontal.

Auto-stitched panorama of setting up at Regionals around 5 PM.  Click for larger version.