2017-02-04 Board Meeting Minutes



FEB  4,  2017, 10:20-11:30 AM

Prepared by  Kevin Greene

A scheduled meeting of the board of directors was held on the above date.   The following members attended:

President:  Dan DeWeese

Vice President:  Steve Nowak

Treasurer:  Kevin Williams

Events Coordinator: Kathy Rhodes

Communications Director: Dave Hards

Site Director:  Chris Hast

Safety Director:  Dave Aldrich

Kevin Greene

Annual Board of Directors Election  -  ballot count & results.

Ballots were verified and counted.  Twenty three ballots were included.   The entire current board was returned to office.  Kevin Greene appeared on the ballot in error.  He will continue to serve the organization as an  unofficial volunteer.

Grass  /  watering plan.

New seeding and natural fertilizer will be tested on a small section of the LZ  before proceeding with the  rest of the grass area.  Dave Hards will try to source a donation for the fertilizer

Expired Ranch contract.

A motion was made and carried to move forward with a one year renewal of the agreement.

Powerlines detachable arresting cable with visibility balls.

Dan DeWeese will procure braided stainless steel cable for mounting the aerial visibility balls.  Once the cable is received arrangements for a bucket truck will be made in order to mount the balls.  The goal is to have the project completed by the first event of the season.

Site aerial map development.

Dave Aldrich motioned that his work on this would have to be delayed until after the Site Intro Video is complete.  Dave Hards and Kathy Rhodes volunteered to work on the graphic in the interim.

Site intro video with hazards identified and site rules / protocols.

Dave Aldrich delivered his outline for this project with a goal of having it completed by April / May.

PG& reserve parachute deployment training apparatus.

This project is being worked by Jeff Boehler.

Calendar of events etc. automation.

Dan DeWeese will continue to test this feature.

Chapter Renewal  USHPA.

Dan DeWeese and Kevin Williams will continue coordinate this process which is due to be completed in April.

Instructor vetting.

Dan DeWeese is working on adapting the Sylmar document for vetting new and visiting instructors.  This will include a section on CSS,org for accessing the finalized procedures.


Doesn't Gene know a guy on 330 near the ranger station who owns a bucket truck? The fellow helped us all out when he plucked Gene out of his tree. Maybe he'd be willing to help the club again? Trade truck time for a tandem ride? Could be worth a shot and save some club bux.