Wednesday, 2017/2/15


Today tested our patience, as Marshall was swept with NW-NNW wind until later than expected.

But at 3:45 pm, it switched for the best, with a sudden 5-10 mph South wind at launch. I was airborne by 4 pm and flew over an hour, reaching 5250' MSL. Gradually decreasing lift due to the clouds to the West.

I went to Elsinore in the morning where I flew with Everyday Mike, Canuk John and crew then to AJX in the afternoon. En route I swapped calls with Jeff B who was still camped up on Marshall. I arrived at 3:15 in the LZ. Rather than driving up with my Falcon for round 2, I decided to drag out the Sensor 610 F4 144 that I bought 3 years ago and never even took out of the bag until today. After Mario MC^2 took some vanity photos I carried it up to the bunny hill launch and hucked off to see if it would really fly. I got high enough to kick into my cocoon and go fully prone. I haven't done a carry and fly since 1982. I did not reach the HG cone. Now to sell off both my Sensors. 

Here's the Elsinore flight....