I'd like to get a list together of people who are willing to mow the LZ.

I'm thinking it should be mowed every 7 to 10 days so that it's only taking a small percentage of the plant's solar collectors at a time.  Although the grass is rather sparse in places, it is growing.  So it may look brownish due to the dirt showing through, but it's definitely growing taller, even though I might prefer it to grow wider and fill in.

If you're willing to be on a list to be asked, reply here with a phone number, or email me at tjward0047(at)@att(dot)net

Michal Maretta stepped up, showed up, and mowed some LZ yesterday.  I'd like to get mow people mowing just to spread the load around. 

It can be a very meditative process.  The ear protection changes your perception of the world. The ever-similar, but slowly changing nature of covering the entire LZ can be quite hypnotic. So sign up to come and mow now and Zen.