Fly In


Not much commentary on the Fly In?  Couldn't  be there in  perspn hoped to read stories and pics.

Hi Jack,

You really missed out on the greatest fly-in ever! Here are the top photos that were taken at this epic event.


Photo of a guy getting looped by the wake of an airliner above him:


Photo of a guy making transition to final approach:


Here is that guy on final approach:


Here he is  getting ready to flare:



Amazing!  I wish you were there.


Frank Hamann

Orange, CA

Sport2 175




There was a good turnout despite the heat.

I launched Crestline at 15:10 and flew for 1:34 with 13,644 feet of climbing, max 7,900 MSL (GPS) over NW of Pine. My flight log entry:

Heat wave, 90's at Crestline, 15 mph south. Monsoon flow creeping from the east. Many narrow cores of 700-900 FPM but hard to be within them and track them. Wasn't getting much above the ridge, dove to Marshall then worked back to the interchange in one go. Didn't get up, virga San Gorgonio way, went west. High at Pine, headwind coming back from Sugarpine but surfed the spine up to Pine again. Got 7,600 or 7,900 MSL today; quite a discrepancy between the baro and the GPS. Inclined to go with the GPS :) lots of virga to the east of Redlands, then to the south and the north in the desert. Nice and cool (and dark) up there, but far below the cloud sheets. Got lots of rain drops on my forearms and decided to land. Don't think any gust fronts came through but it looked like one might come over the back. The graph does show quite a drop in the wind at Crestline for a while. 109° F at the LZ!

Had the GoPro on the keel but wasn't close to other pilots much.
Some screen captures below; click images for larger views.

Crestline Launch Crowd.

Rain to the East, from Billboard.

Lowish at the 18/138 Interchange.

A glider below and Silverwood Lake (and rain?) in the background.

The 15/215 Interchange, from Sugarpine.

Turbulence east of the LZ.

Some gliders on the ground, LOTS of cars.

LZ with gliders.

LZ people, Dave with his camera.

My landing. Photo by Dave Aldrich.

My GPS track.