Crestline launch retaining wall

We need to fix the retaining wall at the Crestline launch.

I wasn't watching exactly where I was, stepped on the top railroad tie that's tilted, and darn near twisted my ankle.

I'm thinking we need to take off that top tie, move any dirt that's slid in there, reassemble that section, drill holes through for rebar, pound new rebar into place, and backfill.

I'm also thinking that that wall is just a little higher than is comfortable to step up with a wing on your shoulder, so maybe adding a triangular stack of 3 more ties in the parking lot would make a not-so-ergonomic-but-better-than-what-we-have stairway. and reinforce that section.  At one time we were concerned about vehicles getting onto the launch, but anything that could go up a trio of ties could probably go up the existing stairway.  I'm trying to remember if we still have concrete filled posts in it.  Even a single tie at the bottom would probably work for me, but I suppose that's optional.

A couple of the top ties have split, and we might want to consider replacing them if necessary.

There are ties behind the Gator storage container.

I still need to come up with a list of tools and supplies we'll need, but first on the list is some volunteers strong enough of back to lift the ties, and weak enough of mind to actually volunteer. 

Current list:

Pickup truck


rebar and something to cut it.

Auger bits ( in Gator storage) and several drills and battery packs.

Wheelbarrow and shovels


chainsaw to trim ties if necessary.

Anything obvious I'm missing?


I don't have any experience with that type of work but I'll help if I can.

While we are at it, the launch ramp/mount could use some attention. Need to trim/mow down the tall weeds and fill in/smooth over the lumpy parts. I can definitely help with that.

Did you have a day/time in mind Tim?

it does not sound like you are going to do much back filling, but if you do and think it would help, I still have my plate compactor (lawn mower style-not "thumper") available for club projects.

see u in the air, Alan

Dan and I will be going up tomorrow (Sunday) to fix it.  LZ meeting time to be announced.

I can take up some gliders, so it would be possible to work in the morning and fly in the afternoon.

It's not exactly a free ride, but...

I'm sorry to leave the notice so late.

I'm also using this to make another list

Dan's bringing his big drill and roto hammer and cutoff saw, so we'll need to take the generator.

We'll select a couple of the better RR ties.

Shovels and rakes and implements of destruction.

Wheelbarrow to move the dirt around

A sledgehammer to finish off the rebar after the rotohammer does most of the work.

A big steel bar to lever things might be useful.

The lawnmower and gasoline -- although that's really a secondary goal, and if no one else shows up, it may not go.

If we get there at 9, will you still be in the LZ?  Being there at 8 means waking up really stupidly early on a non-work day.

We can bring a wheelbarrow and a digging bar, and some shovels, rakes, and implements of destructution, if you still want us there.

Will there be an unbeatable Thanksgiving dinner?


Dan and Chris and Noel and Terry and I fixed the retaining wall and mowed a few things. Looking more like the launch we all know and love.
It hasn't been terribly high maintenance -- as Rob remarked, it lasted 35 years.