Getting to the alternative launches




How do you get to the lower launches like the 750', with a truck?  Are there gate lock combinations needed or anything like that?  Can any CSS member whose allowed to fly Crestline/Marshall fly the other launches?





Just drive up Cloudland Truck Trail 2N40.

They're wild and free, so far as I know.  I don't think there's a signoff per se, but anyone who's signed off for Marshall or Crestline should be able to fly them safely.

I wouldn't recommend them as a way to get around an instructor's signoff, though. (I know this doesn't apply to you... just sayin')

Gates aren't locked. The road is dirt, but it's pretty good up as far as the 750.

It may be good further on, too, I just haven't driven that part lately.

Google Maps is actually a little confusing.

Just go back out to the paved Devil's Canyon Road, and turn toward the powerplant. Right up near the foot of the hill a paved road will take off to the right. After a short time, the paving goes away.  The 750 is a big turnout.