Now that's a cool helmet!


Ok, so I may be addicted to Kickstsarter! If it gets worse, I'll seek professional help!

Any thoughts on this? Too heavy for a hang gliding helmet?

I think it would be really cool if they were able to add a listening/talking vario that functions like Siri (ie: tell me my airspeed? or Tell me my climb rate?, etc.) for pilots. 

If not, maybe some tech geeks in the community could start a kickstarter campaign for a lightweight HG/PG helmet with a built-in voice operated talking vario!


I'm not sure about a talking vario but an in helmet head up display would be cool. I've seen some Oakley ski goggles with an hud and one of my friends is a designer at the company but sadly he's not a pilot! 

its only a matter of time until someone incorporates a paragliding helmet with an HUD, after seeing the Oakley ski goggles I called up my friend and pestered him to bring up the idea to his bosses but his reply was "I'm afraid of heights"  and "there is not enough demand". I just can't understand why it would be of any use skiing or snowboarding but I have not been on either snow thing since I was in my 20's...

It would be great if a more affordable version comes out for free flight enthusiasts at some point. The communication features on this one seem real nice, but I guess they're useless if nobody else has a compatible set-up. 

Another thing to add to my "Some day" list!

I'm just as confused as you are regarding a H.U.D. for skiing!