Visual Wind Map Online: VentuSky


A map shows wind at any height, current conditions or forecast for the future.  Easy to use.

Zoom in, click on "wind speed" and "altitude" on the left;

Optionally change "wind animation" to "strong" on the lower right; (more visual emphasis on winds)

Pick time and date along the bottom - current conditions, or forecast for the future.

Interesting to see winds change from multi-directions influenced by terrain at the surface, but as you go up in height, less and less influence from the terrain.  Color-coded for speed.  Up around 3 miles high all local winds are going the same direction, with ~zero influence from the surface terrain.  It covers not just wind, but also temperature, precipitation, and other weather parameters.  Zoom out and click for higher heights and you can see the whole world, and even the jet stream.


Wow that's a nice one.  Includes streets and a topo map.  Seen a few others before too.  Modern technology...  Still trying to figure out why these maps show winds at 950 hPa 500 meters elevation, for example, in mountain areas where that would be a mile underground.  Funny to think about wind underground, but overall these tools are impressive.