North Korea now using GIN PGs in exercises


Apparently North Korea unilaterally restarted operations at the GIN factory in the Kaesong Industrial Complex. Cranking out PGs for use by their special forces.

(Nevermind that the article shows what is clearly a Wills Wing Spectrum 165 labeled as a 'paraglider')

Anyways, not very often that one sees freeflight on the front page of the news. But when one does, the term paraglider and hang-glider are often used interchangeably, i've noticed.



I think the rule you are referring to relates to pilots who have bailed out under canopy. PGs are truly aircraft - so only couldn't shoot at a pilot who threw his laundry i suppose? Well that's tricky because they could PG on South in huge numbers, jettison their aircraft (PG) above target, throw laundry, and then the South could not shoot them because Geneva conventions (they are pilots who bailed out).

I meant the Gin-Evo Convention.

(Honestly, the first lame crack was an intentional misspelling.)

But seriously.  "Sorry Beloved Leader, we can't attack today, the inversion is low and the lapse rate sucks."


right over my head :)

agree that it doesn't seem like a great plan (especially so if they are non-powered), but an interesting article nonetheless.

if they are non-powered, then i imagine they might be deploying out of an aircraft at altitude. ie. they might jump out the back with a wadded-up/full-stalled PG, let it recover (yee-haw), and end up in some DZ much further than could be accessed via parachute from the same aerial drop point.

The South Korean KM-SAM anti aircraft missile system has a range of 25 miles. If the North Korean jump jet released at an altitude of 4 miles (21K AGL), this gives the jumpers a range of 28 miles assuming a average glide of 7:1 (ie. no wind), allowing the jump jet to evade the KM-SAMs.

And the distance from the DMZ (border) to Seoul is 35 miles, requiring a glide of 9:1 if launched at 21K AGL. Feasible especially if there is a downwind condition toward heading. All that said, if they are flying GIN Bolero 4's then they might as well just use parachutes, I have a Bolero 4 and can attest.



Speaking of my GIN Bolero 4, retired that wing last year but still keep it around for training purposes. Awesome wing for kiting or whatever. Last Friday my work had a department picnic at the beach. Decided to take the old rig with me and do some kiting; maybe show any interested coworkers the basics. Was quite popular actually. One thing i like about paragliders is the ability to take them to a beach or park and simply kite. Hang gliders are great in the air, but on the ground its just like "yeah, trust me, it flies, can't you tell?" With the PG all one needs is a little breeze and its a good time - even without getting airborne.



Well, the boys over at Will's wing need to start burning the midnight oil and designing a new better
T2C (Combat) could mount hook knifes on wingtips. Or maybe a tandem...second person would be weapons officer operating like an FPV drone or something.
Death from above...

Just fly a heavy Boeing 757 flaps down, wheels down in their general vicinity.  It would probably tie them in a Gordian knot.