Learning to fly


Hello everyone,

My name is James, I am an RN and I live in Beaumont CA. I am very interested in becoming a paramotor pilot and would like to meet others who are already flying who can help introduce me into the world of paramotoring. I am hoping someone could help point me in the right direction regarding training, gear purchase, clubs, and eventually places to fly. Thank you in advance to all who can help. 

Hey James,

As far as I know, the closest site for training for Paramotors is Soboba Soaring in San Jacinto.

Good for you, it's just south of Beaumont about 10 miles.

Below is their website, and they also have a Face book site.

Contact them for more info.

At  the present time, we are not allowed powered flight at our landing zone, Andy Jackson Airpark.

Fly Safe!



Hi James,

The CSS is a dedicated soaring club and only a few members fly powered hang gliders or powered paragliders (PPG). Please visit Jeff Goin's web site and study up: http://www.footflyer.com. It contains a wealth of information. Meanwhile, I suggest that you first learn to free fly paragliders before adding power. You will find your local instructors here: http://www.crestlinesoaring.org/instruction I suggest learning to free-fly paragliders first if you aren't already trained.

Good Luck, Jonathan