For Sale 2010 U2-160


For Sale 2010 U2-160 > frame is like new... Sail has some hours.... $1,625.00



Hi Mark, just to help you sell it: folks, this is the same glider model and size that J. Bether just reviewed :) And it is not ironic at all that Mark is selling his now :P

So anyway Hoffbrau, what are flying next?


I am going to fly my T2-154 and pick up a new U2-160 also....

Mark I placed  your ad on the Sylmar website.  Let me know if it sells so I can remove it.

Is so awesome, i've gotten a lot a great advice from him, always nice to fly around him and he's done a fantastic job on my wires in some strong Santa Ana conditions.

Unfortunately though, he blew launch today, crashed below launch at the E and had to be medevac'd out. Seems he will be ok, just a broken femur and ribs. I helped Dave B, Jeff W, Eric D and Bill S. break down and pull out his glider from way below was certainly a gnarly, rocky spot to crash. ETJ is one tough dude.

Get well soon Jack!


Sorry to hear this news.... I was driving past Lake Elsinore today around 11:30 AM.... saw a few large flags just south of the lake in what looked like light 0 to 2 and variable... I was wondering what launch was doing..

heal up ASAP ETJ.

I've seen ETJ run-off in a light down-wind, and make it off just fine ; so

how did this launch get him ?


@ ETJ --- got a cold beer for Ya , when your all fixed up !!!


Bille Floyd

  A lot of us are getting older, and if getting even older is a priority, then certain "growing pains" become a requirement.

  I've had to learn the hard way that I'm not a youngster anymore. And one growing pain I'm having to accept is that of not getting to fly the way I used to. Just as I buy Bud Lite now, I accept "Hang Gliding Lite" as the New Way for me.

  I can still successfully launch in no wind--if it's a vertical cliff launch, or if the glider is a 330 sq ft Condor. There was a time, not all that long ago really, when I could, and did, launch in no wind from the "E" using my 136 size Sensor. But you ain't gonna see me do that again anytime soon, or ever.

  For many moons I enjoyed finishing off a flight by wangin' my kite and taking the accelerated"garden tour" of lower Marshal mountain. Nowadays,60 degrees of bank and 30 degrees of pitch are no longer seen as dumb ideas, but just the opposite --Mellow,peaceful and relaxing are the new keywords, with "adrenaline rush" now a pleasant memory. "Low Pass" now has a comfortable one wingspan lower altitude limit, and since I'm too lazy to pull the bar in very far, "High Speed" passes are likely less than 35 mph.

  Looking at Rob McKenzie's ramp launch on Marshal inspires me to consider the idea of a catapult launcher to get my old butt off the hill when there ain't no wind to help me out. It's difficult for me to trust a gravity-feed only wheeled launch, even though I've seen it work.

  I'm really glad that I can enjoy wheeled landings without feeling as though I'm less of a pilot just because I no longer flare onto my feet. When it comes to landing a hang glider in the "traditional" way, I finally came to accept that some folks got the stuff,and some don't. I don't, and rather than get hurt or damage my kite i'll just limit my flying in such a manner as to insure that a wheel-friendly LZ is always within reach.

  It's not hard to age gracefully, and in fact letting go of some things can be a pleasant experience. There's no longer any anxiety on final approach, for example.

  "Hang Gliding Lite" is preferred to "No Hang Gliding", in my estimation. Having a model glider or airplane with me reduces the urge to set up when the conditions don't favor a not-so-athletic launch technique. I'll just fly the model and volunteer to drive.

"Looking at Rob McKenzie's ramp launch on Marshal inspires me to consider the idea of a catapult launcher"

...welp. that escalated quickly.

i can imagine a gusty day, guy on my nose wires asks ramp, the regular launch, or catapult? You bet your ass i'm saying catapult. I'm taking the catapult every single time.


ps. catabatic is to anabatic, what catapult is to anapult. But wtf is an anapult? Just pilot thoughts...



He launched the E in what had been blowing in nicely but changed to blowing in lightly.  At the bottom of his run he launched into what almost immediately became a hole of sink.  Then he felt mush.  Then he felt big rocks.  His full face helmut save his ugly mug.  Just some pain in his chest............really hurts to laugh  No loss of conciousness.  He was pretty far down  the hill.   The firemen came.  Then the heli. s   Hoisted him up in the body basket.  Then an ambulance ride to Inland Valley Medi Ctr.

I am going to go take him a beer tomorrow.


I've gotten lifted pre-maturely in gusty conditions, only to find nothing behind the gust. One of my complaints about our technology is gliders with what I consider to be excessive positive pitch stability. The old Comet, Falcons,my old Skyhawk--just a few of many that don't allow the pilot to have the last word. Even the Harrier, although she ain't as bad as the others. I have no problem holding the nose down with my Sensor 610 and other Hi-perf kites,if one of those is fighting me I know it's just too windy.

  I think that this "quality" may have been a contributer to launch crashes over the years.I know that I'm looking fwd to having full control of decalage, have been for 40 years, it's gotta come along any day now....

Hi Mark

Sorry your ad got hijacked by my incident.  id open a new ad if your still actively trying to sell U2. Ironic thing i almost called the day of crash to schedule a demo flight.  Flown with you many times and set my goal to attempt to match your flying. Came up short a few times

ETJ.. hope you are recovering well... you are welcome to hijack my posts any time!!.... Remember that time we were on our Talons at aprrox 11K over the Cliff Hanger with cloudbase at13K ... those airliners were crusing through at 11.5K :) we sure chased them out of the HG ZONE..

Remember the flight vividly.  I'm pretty sure they chased me away.