Lawn Mowed

I mowed the lawn yesterday.  The LZ looks very nice.  Now if only we had a break in the freaking weather so we could use it.

If you see him, say thanks to Steve Rosseau, who has been helping with gopher patrol and rock removal.

The Santa Anas have kept the weather warm enough that the grass hasn't gone dormant.  Every new blade we get is a little better coverage for when the weather starts getting good again in spring.

I don't know how much longer I can fake this optimism. Freaking Santa Anas do this to me every year.

Spring is just 4 months away with SW flows again!

Thanks for all your efforts on the LZ Tim and Steve, it is looking healthy again, after the drought.

And thanks to "Air Bourne Steve", who recently soloed in a paraglider, adding air time.

Steve has been helping for some time, in a number of club projects! You Rock!

Fly Safe!