Thanks for the support


Thanks for supporting me as your Event Coordinator. I will not be running again this year. I have high hopes that a pilot steps into the position!

Kathy Rhodes

Dear Kathy,
thank you very much for your amazing work!
You are always a highlight at AJX, so kind and nice and helpful and positive!
Sad to see a (really contributing) board member leave, but happy that you will still be around.

Thank you!


It amazed me that you wanted to do it, love that you have for Dusty (and us by proxy), as a family member of a pilot.  Thanks for your hard work!

It is a shame you are giving up this positionKathy! You are so perfect for it and I know you will be missed! You have done a great job of organizing everything! Gonna be hard to find someone to fill your shoes!


You have done a great job Kathy!

We all loved having you as the cruise director on the CSS boat!


Not being on the board, does not mean the fun needs to be over!


Thank you.



Your continued support for this club over the years has made our LZ  a very, "Happy Place" to be at, for pilots, family & friends.

Thank You Kathy!