Weather Opinions for late January


Hello Pilots!


I am looking at a late January trip to fly, how is the weather generally look at Marshall around then?  Any local piots want to join 2 experienced pilots for a few days of flying in Cali?  Much appreciated - I've always heard great things about this site!


Randall Shane

USHPA Area 5 Regional Director

Yeah, the great things you hear about the site aren't generally from late Jan thru Feb ;)

There are flyable days but a lot of sledders. Sometimes you hit the jackpot if it's pre-frontal (cold and lots of lift to  cloudbase (which might be low)) or the day after the north winds switch to S-SW (cool and crystal clear with great climbs).

If it isn't flyable at Crestline/Marshall there's usually flying to be had within a 90 minute drive in various directions.

That makes sense, thank you.


I may take a trip out on principle (even if it is a sledder) given i'll beback that way mid May-June.  Do I just show up or is there someone to contact?


Much appreciated, I look forward to flying there and it goes without saying, all are welcome at our sites in Idaho (Swan Falls, Horseshoe Bend, The Crow, Pickle Butte, King Mtn, etc..)  Happy to guide when anyone heads this way!