Demo Days Are Here... Welcome Visiting Pilots!

Hey Gang,

The next five days we will be hosting a group of fellow pilots from around the world. We would invite you, current members of The Crestline Soaring Society to help Welcome all visiting pilots to our flying community.

If you could give a Site Intro, Directions to Launch, Rides to Launch, Cross Country routes, Favorite local Restaurants, local bike rides, hikes, sites to see, etc..

 You would be doing what other pilots from other areas have done for so many of us, that have visited other flying sites over the years, the same warm reception.

Our Very Own Kathy Rhodes and company have a great agenda planned along with Wills Wings for our visiting pilots & family and friends throughout the coming weekend. 

If you can come out early or stay a little latter, please let Kathy or anyone know what you can do to help out. You would be Greatly Appreciated!

Join the fun and make some new friends and be part of a truly unique flying experience.

The weather is looking exceptional for this time of year so far. We do expect some great flying conditions all week.


Any guesses as to what my odds would be of getting a parking spot for a teardrop trailer, Friday and Saturday? (I don't know where else to ask.)

Bring it. Pretty sure we can find a flat level spot. Have a great weekend.

Preperation continues,

Wings of Rogallo flying some new WW gliders in the am,

Team Crestline on break. Megret, Kathy, A couple of Dave's, Dan Tuckwiller (missing, caught shuttle). Hay bails, night lights installed.

Another 9 K plus day. Lots of test flights & visiting pilots. 1-3 hr. flights for many.

Still looking like some great flying the rest of the weekend!

Fly Safe!

Owen Morse and Kerie Swepston at Crestline before their flights.

All loaded up for the late run to Marshall Peak.

Dale Noyes surveys the scene at Marshall.

270° panorama of the crowd at Marshall Peak (click image for larger view)

Joel Rempfer getting ready to try out a U2 160.

Glad you disappointed them.  A little overshoot?

If you have not attended one of Ryan Voight's landing clinics yet, you still have time. Saturday is the last day to attend. Come early by 9:30 am. to hear the information presented. Weather you are a new or seasoned pilot, you will walk away with a wealth of information after the presentation.

Wills is giving you this as a gift to just come & hear the topics. It is an informal atmosphere with welcomed input from you, the pilots.

Videos' are reviewed from the previous days flights. You will walk away a better pilot.

I, along with other pilots today, felt it was well worth my time and will practice what was presented today.  

Fly Safe!

Ryan at work filming landings.


This Deaf Hang Glider is deaf hg pilot, first test on demo ww falcon 170 w/ window wing.  this very good for more visible though the wing .. and smooth flight  ...DHG setup multi car dash videos on board to hang glider...  

here picture .....

DHG have more picture & video in later. dhg have go some sleep now 


Thank You ALL.

To those who did so much work to host this event!!! The time and effort can not be expressed enough with words. The constant up-grades to your L.Z. and training area. Is eminence.
The main group of ladies that diligently worked Thurs. Fri.and Sat. To one and all. I personally Thank You!
To all the people of C.S.S. who joined forces in coming together to even have this many people from all over the U.S.A. Canada. And Mexico. I personally congratulate you all and say Thanks.
To Will Wing ans Steve and the Gang. I look forward to next years event with Pride and fun to be had. You are all good people to do such a thing. So we can test, fly, try, and know what's out there and make "Informed" decisions about the glider market.
THANK YOU for the time and effort on your companies behalf!-!
Fast Eddy