Sylmar Spring Air 2015


Sylmar Spring Air Festival 2015

June 5 - 6, 2015 Sylmar Flight Park

This is a two day, (first day is a practice day so we can try out live tracking) fun competition to celebrate the return of spring (but in California, some would argue we are in a perpetual spring enviroment). No cost for the pilots. There is no rain date set. All pilots must have a current USHPA rating card on their person and must either be a SHGA club member in good standing (meaning your dues are paid and up to date), or have paid the SHGA day use fee.

Transportation to launch is the responsibility of the pilot. Kagel can accomodate about 20 - 30 pilots, another launch at towers can accomodate about 10 - 15 pilots, but is an H4 site only (no PG).

If you are a visiting pilot then it will be best to arrive early and get a site briefing if you have not been here before. There is a good overview on the SHGA web site. Rules and guidlines and Site Dangers and Paragliding info are posted.

More info here