Remember Ziggy Fly Day

When: October 3, 2015

Where: Andy Jackson Air Park

You are all invited to come out and enjoy a day of flying with us. This will be a casual event in memory of our friend Ziggy. Come share some (Ziggy) stories and air time with fellow pilots and enjoy some food & drink. He enjoyed flying with "All of You", so "All" are welcome!

We will be hosting a BBQ at the LZ with Burgers, Brats, Saurkraut & Beverages.

Because it will be October, think Oktoberfest style theme. Bring your stein!


Our weather Guru's are telling us the weather for Saturday is still in the game for some nice soaring late day. A bit of north on Friday & possible early Saturday.

Which typically leads into a nice "switch day" this time of year. Altitude gains during those switch days usually bring smiles to those that fly on them. No promises, but we'll keep you posted.

Our plan for Saturday is still, "game on".

Again, a casual day of flying, BBQ & a day out to enjoy with fellow pilots and friends. 

We have been told that Ziggy's favorite color was RED, so extra points for those wearing something Red for the day.

Fly Safe!


Looks like it should be a nice switch day by the afternoon. There are several shuttles running as well.

Looks like we'll get some flying in.

See you there.

Fly Safe!