Big-O Loop Official Driver!


we now have an official big-o loop driver!

(no fly) steve salazar can be reached at:

(951) 217-1350

contact steve to get up-to-date conditions and availability of the big-o loop.

as a reminder, the ranger is capable of carrying two fully assembled hang gliders up to the 350 and 400 foot launches.  please try to partner up with someone when using the big-o loop so we can be more efficient.

single-surface beginner wings, topless race wings, tandem wings, wings with full sized wheels, and rigid wing hang gliders are all compatible with the ranger rack system.  we hope paraglider pilots will take advantage of empty seats as well.

the big-o loop (and infrastructure) was designed and built for you!  please treat it with respect.  we hope you find value in the training and fun it provides.

I think he is looking forward to the driving job.
But he did have surgery on 1-19-16
should be back out there soon
Heal fast my friend! 

Went to the Pond last year after sinking out coming back from Pine.  Made for a great day.   Blissed out floating there.  Didn't mind hearing other pilots varios chirping as they climbed out.

Can we take other vehicles up the Loop?


so excited!  Thanks so much Owen, and Steve (speedy healing to you).  I'm happy to volunteer for ranger duties if you're willing to train me Owen.  I'm not at the LZ as much as some of you others, but happy to shuttle a few rounds the days I'm there.

Fantastic... Come Spring i'ma gonna need that thing to get the rust off.  Thanks Owen, Len, Gene, and Steve (and others) for keeping it going. 

Asian friends using mono rail train  carry up to 8~10 hang glider & 10 person on tractor ,

They doing all way to launch areas by Mono Rail Train ( Save Gas on Road ) !!!!

Read the Picture ==>>> 

Why not All Club build off the Rail Track  from AJX to Marshall launching 

and let tractor running own power and carry many pilot ride on rail to launch

Here is simple build off ==>  Maybe use electric powered or gas engine ... 

What you think? Comment ? any ideas ?  may help to digging the new Tractor/Train,,,

MonoRail path  from LZ to 350, 500, 750 , marshall to launch areas 4~6 time per day

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of a buried-wire-following Ranger equivalent.  Something like the automation they use in big warehouses.  Push a call button, and it would come down/up the hill automagically.  Realistically, it'd be way too expensive. 

I suppose something like that could work for the Big O loop, too.  The wire could put the Ranger on just the right route so tips didn't hit.

Don't need a buried wire anymore. LiFePO4 batteries are safe and long-lasting. That electric bicycle i built can go 45 miles with hills on one charge (last year i routinely did a 33 miles commute to work with it). Also, that bicycle also hauled me, my wing, and a trailer up the training hill successfully with only one weakness: traction.

With enough traction, such a motor could climb the Big-O dozens of times, as long as the drivetrain is geared low enough. Like Marc said though, it is too steep for a standard rail, would need to be cogged rail or something.

The Ranger is a great solution. Its just fun to daydream about general ways to handle the challenge of getting up there.


here has better large automatic charge station ... can recharge up while tractor parking at LZ place

then tractor can run go to pond then go marshall then back to LZ recharge up the batteries packs!

((( This examples my luxury electric scooter have four special lifepo4 batteries that good last life  ))

==>> This Strong Electric Scooter can Pulling towing Tandem HangGlider into air! 

Also My E-Scooter run from AJX LZ  to 750 to Marshall Launch then back to AJX LZ !

If only one pilot is using the Ranger ; then perhaps the price should

go up to $ 8 or $ 10 ? Now that i know my Exxtacy will fit ; i will be doing

some much needed landing practice , and gladly pay $10 for a ride !!!!