Internet WX Forecasting Class


Next Saturday, Mar 5 at the shade structure 9am. I will bring a large screen TV and computer to conduct a weather forecasting class.  Want to know a week ahead of time when the big days are coming? Like the old adage says, "90% of the game is just showing up". Knowing when to show up is 10x more valuable. Spot the good days, the great days, the best day of the year and the 'too good' days of late summer.  Free, like a great soaring day, to whomever shows up!

I'll be there also.

You seem to always bag the good ones.

I'll bring the donuts and we'll have the coffee pot brewing early.

The other Jeff!

There should be lots of students for this class.

I know there will be: Mike, Gaston, Phil. Likely myself too.

Yep, I'll be there - thanks for hosting!  Hoping to get in a nice flight or 2 before the rain hits as well.  Fingers crossed for a decent day.. Havent gotten a chance to fly my new tequila 4 from Marshall yet.  

Start here with the discussion page.
Skew T plots.  lat,lon or location code. Heres some local

SBD san brdo, ONT ontario, RIV march afb, BUO beaumont, PSP palm springs, VCV adelanto victorville, DAG daggett barstow, L94 Tehachapi, NXP 29 Palms, WJF lancaster, IYK inyokern, BIH bishop
Select your state, scroll to bottom of page, select location, at sounding select model,click next, select output type and duration and enter the 6 character text string at the bottom of page.
Excellent graphic representations of OD lines in summer and convergence lines year round. Operator: Alan Crouse
Free subscription. Output is same as RASP page but larger grid. Maps available for entire US. Not as flashy as xc skies, but Dr.Jack did it first!
Check for fronts, shading and approaching clear skies.

Get high, go far, most importantly, live to fly another day.

Thank you for posting those links and instructions!  I had to work Sat morning or I definitey would have been there.