Stolen Advance Omega 8 size 27 – Orange


Stolen Gear Alert:

Stolen from car in Carlsbad: Advance Omega 8 size 27 – Orange w/ white leading edge. Other gear ; Kortel Kanibal 1 harness; LARA Gold 250 reserve – Reflective Silver w/ gold tinge Charly Insider full face helmet.

Photos of Gear:



Hi Steve,

Didn't know how to contact you, so just posting here.  I have an Omega 8 size 27, green, that I am not using.  Just had full inspection at superfly, new lines, porrocity was excelent.  I can send you a copy of the report if you like.  Anyway, I havn't flown it for a long time and will give you a real good deal on it if your interested.



also have a Kortel Kanibal 2 I am not using