New Protocal for Instructors


Fellow Pilots and Free-Flight Instructors,

We are writing this letter to make you aware of changes to the site protocols at the Andy Jackson Airpark.  We are making these changes to align with the new insurance requirements for instructors.  The specific changes to the protocols are included in this mailing with the changes highlighted in red.  The changes can be summarized in four categories:  individual pilots, instruction without compensation, and instruction for compensation.

  • Individual Pilots:Beginner (H1 or P1) is required to use the hang gliding training hill or practice kiting without an instructor.This means that all student pilots need to start their learning process with a certified USHPA instructor and earn an H1 or P1 rating before they can practice on their own or with a friend.

  • Instruction without Compensation: Certified USHPA instructor and student sign a form stating no-compensation

  • Instruction for Compensation: Instructor provides to CSS a copy of their current PASA certification and membership that shows proof of 1 Million Dollar per occurrence insurance policy which list the State of CA as shown below:


    The State of California, its officers, agents, employees and servants

    c/o Dept. of Water Resources, Div of Engrg/Real Estate

    PO Box 942836

    Sacramento, CA 94236-0001


These protocol changes go into effect June 1, 2016 the same day that the USHPA transitions the insurance for compensated instruction to the PASA.  Instructors and schools need to make copies of their PASA certification and should either carry a hard copy, mail or email by June 1st, 2016. There will be no usage of training areas at Andy Jackson Airpark until CSS has received copies.

Mail to:
Crestline Soaring Society
P.O. Box 9052
San Bernardino, CA 92427

Email to:





CSS Board of Directors