Nice Skew-T Android app


This is a new app, less than 1000 downloads, but it is well written. MUCH better than trying to go to rucsoundings on a Smartphone. Allows one to pick a site from a Google map, select various models, and look at the graph in detail. Can save any site and model as a favorite. Interface is intuitive. Corrects for local time, or can use UTC. The app creator is a pilot. See link for screen shot for Marshall this Saturday. I added it in less than a minute with a few clicks. It's gonna be a great weekend for my flycation! Hope the link works, the forum software balks when I try to directly attach the screen shot. TOB


Ken, you need use android phone then go playstore
then search. ==>>> Skew-t. Then find and down load them ... that is it

Looks good but I can't figure out how to use google maps with it to pick a location. Also, it will only go forward to mid-day tomorrow, can't find a way to make it go several days out.

To pick from the map, use the Lat/Long option, from the next screen to the right of the Latitude row is a little map icon. Click it and the map will come up. Navigate to the target and touch the spot you want. It will then populate the coordinates.

Some models look farther ahead. I notice that GFS will give about 5 days, OP40 about 36 hours. They don't seem to exactly match the rucsoundings max forecast lookahead. Alan, the developer, will answer his email, seems like a responsible fellow.

...of the app? The link is to a screenshot, I could not see the name anywhere. 

Can you post a link?


Here DHG's SmartCellPhoneScreen that show  Real Time Wind Flow Animation on Screen

you see many green arrow moving (animation) make speed show Green and Dark Green Flow

mean 22mph and 14mph SW/ South Flow After Crestline Launching areas

 ( there right side Flow Blue near bigbear lake ) it change wind direction !! 

Here is Picture  Screen ==>>