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Back in operation.

Jack's last chance.

Rob, if you get voicemail it is because someone is listneing to Windy already at the time you called. Voicemail is turned off, so the only way you will get voicemail is if the line is busy. One of the quirks of MagicJack is that it does not send a busy signal, it sends you to voicemail...


Thanks. Yes I see it does the same Magic Jack advertisement voice if the line is busy and eventually gives a busy signal after the 20 second blurb. To know if the Jack has failed I suppose is not really able to be determined unless one calls several times and determines the odds of it  functioning correctly and always being in use is unlikely. Is this a correct assumption?

That sounds accurate... I am still learning... When I used MagicJack before I had no issues at all.

We know what the issue was, moisture in the box, and should have that issue resolved for good before summer is over.