Reserve Parachute Deployment System!


We have received a donated system from  a member from the San Louis Obispo Soaring Society for our use, to further our Safety program.

Some of you may know Patrick Eves, who was the designer and project manager, who helped make it happen. This system has been copied and used by a number of clubs throughout the world to further Safety in our sport.

This was passed with support from our present BOD members of CSS at the recent meeeting!

We have a number of pilots that have volunteered to help make this happen, along with a few recomended inprovements, to make this project be benificial for all pilots!

 If you have an interest in helping out, please let us know.

At this time Stephen Nowak, Dave Aldrich, Aaron Price, Dusty Rhodes & myself are involved with this project and would welcome a few hours of your time at the LZ, when we get closer to setup work. Let us know if you can help out. 

We have some needed parts ordered and on there way. 

We plan to have it setup for pilots to use and hone their skills in "Reserve parachute deployment." We would make this available to any club come use it, or transpot  it to their site, for their use.

Hopefully, in the next 30 days!

The plan would be to hold several Reserve toss and repack clinics for everyone to learn and have their reserves repacked, at that time!

We would have our local instructors available for repacks and to return your equiptment for your use in a timely maner.

Below is a link to view the system in use. This system can be used for Hangliders or Paragliders!

We will keep you updated on our project as it progresses.

Simply Google: G Machine/ paracute deployment.

Fly Safe!





The team completed assembly and test flew it with PG, HG harness with 1 then 2 bodies.

Otto Lilienthal would be proud.

We need to get a throw clinic together?

Fly Safe !