Membership card


Using the shotgun approach....

I lost my membership card. How do I obtain a new copy?


Jon Drindak

John we no longer issue membership cards out.

Ok, how do I offer proof of current membership if asked by a site marshal or anyone else?

I'm pretty much out of the loop and want to get back in. Lol

I appreciate any advice you can offer.



btw, any projects looking for volunteers this weekend?

Hi Jon,
All you need is your USHPA card which you can have as a pdf file on your cell phone.


Very interested in joining the club just wish my year started the day I payed dues not in two months from now.

The pro-rated $50 now for a month until june 1st seems unfair to new members like me that can wait but want to get trained before it gets hotter. Paying $10 a day can those be counted twards membership or is it just beer money for the board?


I'm glad you want to join the club.

We start everybody at the first of the season because that makes it easier for the volunteers that run the club.  95% of the work gets done at one time. It starts a big list, and then people only have to be added to the list, not deleted. In the peak flying season, when we have a site monitor, they don't have to look for deletions, or remind people that their membership expired.

I think the board decided that students were essentially covered by their instructor's membership on the days they're under instruction, and didn't need to pay the day-use fee.  Once you're not under instruction, you should either join the club or pay the day-use fee.

Someone from the board can correct me if I'm wrong.

So far as I know, none of the day-use fees go for beer. If I were a board member, and I drank beer, though, that kind of comment would get right up my nose.


I paid a day use fee with only kiting possible per my instructors insistance.

USHPA let me join now my membership expires the end of April next year.

Students are urged to join the club right away and become contributing members of the community.

It has been a practice to let new members joining near the end of the year to get membership for the following year  as well as the remaining portion of the current year. This club, like any other business entity has expenses that occur regardless of all else. We use membership and day use fees to pay those expenses and add amenities to our site as well as maintain what is already in place, as well as maintain the access road to marshall launch.  All this runs on a ton of volunteer labor and cash.