737 Near Collision with Paraglider in Spain


We are at least a few months from high altitude conditions but this is a good read about a near collision between a paraglider and 737. The 737 was cleared on final, descending through 7000 ft, pretty much the same altitude the local air liners are passing through Crestline. I'm pleased to read that the flight crew was looking out the window as it's often speculated (by us) that they are not looking. The tower was not aware of paragliding activities in that area. Perhaps it should be standard procedure for us to contact the appropriate tower(s) on such days.


snip from the article:

The incident was caused by the presence of a paraglider in the aircraft’s flight path inside an area that was off limits to the paraglider.

Interestingly, paragliding earth lists a flying site within the controlled airspace boundaries suppounding that very airport.