Marshall and LZ 011517


Ok, here is a subset of what I took this past Sunday. Pretty much no editing so it wouldn't take me another week!  

Enjoy and let me know if you'd like anymore of yourself ;)

Oh JD, there is a 5 pic sequence just for you.....goes with a part of your video!


Thanks for all the nice shots and video vignettes. I could clearly hear myself whooping at Gene while we were doing the the thermal maypole dance. And now for that visual pun I prefaced to this post. Let's see whether anyone gets it. Hoffffffbrau-bro are you listening? I'm counting on that ice axe sharp wit.

and yes, your glider sounded like a big jet when you buzzed us. Must be the flaming orange lingerie on your crossbars.

still working on the pun, but fear it's over my head again.

Thanks for sharing all the pix!!!



I was trying to leverage my humor but I fear it's begining to teeter or so I taught her.

Just who you be callin 'lightly' now?
My first name be, 'Well' and knows the rest.

Delta pilots grounded as merry photographer was shot while shooting a Delta pilot with orange fishnet stockings by marshal

ok, I've had too much coffee now.

You were just getting warmed up and going with the flow now that you've had your Joe.

It was reported that the merry photographer simply wanted her orange fishnet stockings back! ;)

(some folks have WAY too much time on their hands!!!!)