Santa Barbara this w/e?


Seems like it is going to be blown out for PG this w/e.  I understand that SB works in a North.  Anyone with some experience there can comment?  What do you think of this w/e?

If it looks good me and Yuko are going Sat. morning, (5am departure).  

otoh, wind seems much less than predicted so far today, (friday), so Elsinore and Mentone might work, but I doubt it... 




Saturday was good.  Nice drive to the meeting place in SB only about 2.5 hours.  About 20 PG pilots and 10+ HG, so a nice turn out.  Went to the upper launch, can't remember think it was "skyline", anyway it was light over the back - so we moved to the lower launch where it was blowing in nice.   Good lift out over the round house and over the lz.  Think all the HGs went to East beach, and PGs to LZ.  Great bunch of people up there, and so nice views.  Stopped and whatched a few Paramotor guys flying and taking tandems, looks like an incredible place to motor, so taking mine next time.  if you havn't been you should try and go.