Reserve Repack Clinic Saturday Feb. 11



I'm doing a reserve repack clinic in San Diego at the San Diego Circus Center - Saturday, February 11th.  The clinic details can be found below.  This will be a great clinic with lots of power point slides discussing history of reserves, different reserve shapes and benefits, deployment sequence, reserve testing methodologies from DHV/LTF/EN, etc.  We then hoist you up 40' and shake you up a bit and allow you to deploy your reserve.  

After I will teach you proper folding techniques for your reserve parachute.

I pack over 300 reserves per year, have had over 300 successful deployments myself, worked at the SHV/DHV test center specifically on reserve certifications and have had 142 successful deployments from customers of mine.

I'd love to see you guys Saturday in San Diego, to teach you about your reserve and repack your reserve for the coming season.  Sign up via the website, or call the shop so we can reserve your spot and send you the clinic package.

Warmest Regards,

Gabriel Jebb
Torrey Pines Gliderport