Comfortable reserve repacking


I have ordered new tools to perform reserve repacking in a comfortable and efficient manner...

Today I got a 30' length of tables, height adjustable from 29" (sit down table) up to 37" (counter top), making it comfortable to work.

In a few days, I get half a dozen 5 lb 20" long tube weight from Para Gear, along with a pair of 15" Aluminum packing sticks to make clean folds.

In a week or so, I will get this line folding tool from Switzerland.

Once all the tools are here, in addition to offering the usual "watch me do it" service, I'm considering offering a "do it yourself using my tools" service at minimal cost. Thinking that some people already know how to do repacks, but would like a nice environment to do it in.


I have thought about making a line jig like the one you ordered but now I'll just use yours.  Does the cat come with the packing service as well? LOL


I received the rest of the tools: Showcase of the repacking tools.

I repacked 3 parachutes today, and it is so much more comfortable working at a counter height and having the right tools.

If you have a round reserve (with packing tabs or not) and need a repack, you can send me an email to schedule. I am in San Jacinto. I can do it all for you, or if you know how to do it and want to use my tables and tools, I will just charge a minimal fee and provide new rubber bands. For the moment, I do not offer repacks for square and steerable reserves.