Weather Guru Wanted for Saturday?


Anybody want to take a stab at Saturday's forecast for Crestline/Marshall.

SW-W- N-SE ?

It looks all over the place to me?



I'm driving (Randy's Flying) Pisgah tomorrow.  Should be easily launchable/soarable. 

The plots for mentone, pisgah, buo are over 10k. wow. spring on.

edit.  the east view webcam is also showing the murk laying in all the way to the banning pass.

Jeff, The NWS wind forecast for Marshall on Saturday has been going back and forth but all day they've indicated a switch from NNW 6 to W 6 by 4 PM.

I'll be watching things in the AM and hope to get a late-day flight in if possible.

With it 30+ N at Crestline and the Marshall forecast showing 3 N late in the day I'd say best to seek airtime elsewhere, Grasshopper.


I Ah thank you all for your words of wisdom.

I ah, went to do other things today due to ah forecast.

Hope all that launched today had an enjoyable flight.

Fly Safe!



On my hike back up to the 750, I gardened a crop of Wild Shuums!

Thats what appeared in the picture???

Fly Safe!