Wanted: Cheap kiting PG wing and harness.


I have a student that lives in Oklahoma and wants to maintain her PG kiting skills. I'm trying to help her out by finding cheap equipment to accomplish this, so looking for this PG wing:
- Very easy to inflate.
- Intended for a new pilot (EN A or "low B", DHV 1 or 1-2). They are easier to kite once overhead.
- Has a laid-flat surface of 22-25 m2.
- Is a 2005 or more recent model. Older designs typically do not inflate/kite as well.
- Very low price, around $200.
What is not important:
 - If wing has some small rips that can be patched with tape.
 - If wing fails the porosity test.

Also looking for an old speed flying harness, that will be used for kiting. For example:
   Ozone Atak.
It is OK if it has rips or the back compartment zipper is busted. Cheap is the main criterion ($75 or less).

If you have this, show it to me. I will test inflate the wing and if OK put you in contact with the buyer.

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