Older WW U-2 , 160 -----$899.95


Decided to get an engine and folding prop for my Exxtacy ; and want to

finance part of it with my U-2.

Glider flies straight , and doesn't drop a tip on landing. Love thermaling

without a vario, because of the feed-back i get. The price is Firm , unless

you get me drunk !  I have the WW wheels and mount for the airfoil control-bar;

the ones pictured are not mine.






Cruser started up with PG in part because of a bad shoulder from kiteboarding, which pulls hard on the arm a lot. He had real issues last time at Crestline with his shoulder coming out of socket during flight (let's face it, HG is pretty physical in active air) and then having to fly essentially one-armed while trying to reset the joint.

PG wouldn't bother his shoulder, plus PG is rad and convenient. I wouldn't give up HG though, no way. Need for speed baby. Need that basetube to pull it way in, yeah! Then again, PG really is rad and convenient.


At least for me, as a former member of the repeticios shoulder dislocator clan, without a doubt, dangling my arm out to the side and back a little with my forearm and hand up above my shoulders is the most vulnerable shoulder position. I cringe at the thought. Only a flinch to pop it out. Less prone in prone. Much more stable, secure, with my hands in front of my chest on the control bar. Similarly during launching and landing sequenses, arms out hands up on the uprights, more care is required as they delicate times too. So far, at least since corrective surgury, my shoulder has not popped out again. 

Chose your air craft for the conditions you want to fly in.

Physical therapy helps you chose better conditions to fly in....

Fly Safe!

 If I wasn't a couple days late and a couple surfboards in debt, I would be asking to fly this baby again right now! Still flying Hang as much as Para,  They are both excellent sports.  As for the shoulder, It is liveable and flyable illness that I have to be concious of, but in no way has affected my choices in flying.  I miss you guys and I hope I can make it out there to Fly with yall Soon.  Have a Great week of the good stuff!!!