Free Tubing, Mylar, & Dacron


Dave Best, a long time pilot formerly of WA state, now of Vegas, was cleaning out his garage and decided to get rid of three very old hang gliders - an Aeros topless, a Laminar Moyes Xtralite, and a La Mouette.  Two are technically airworthy, one needs a downtube to be the same.  All have sails that have seen better days.  He has plenty of old airframe tubing for projects and no projects coming up.  He has flown two of them in the last year, would have sold the Aeros but the LE Mylar has started to flake.

They are at the AJX LZ next to glider container 4.  Free for the taking.

He'll swing back by the LZ in about 10 days and collect any of the wings that are unclaimed.

If you decide you want to fly any of them, be fastidious about inspecting it.

If you decide you want the aluminum or brackets or whatever, please take the entire glider and dispose of what you don't want.  We don't need a pile of scrap at the LZ :)



if no one has picked it up already, I'd be interested in the Laminar and could come by tomorrow.