Change Again!!!!! Birthday Party Back to Saturday April 22nd

Update!!!! Just when I think I can figure this stuff out someone pays the weather bill! Lets party on the 22nd again.

Previous update! Due to the predicted north winds I am changing the party to the 29th. (Somebody forgot to pay the weather bill!)

Original Message! I for one am growing older this month. When I started talking to others they too are becoming older in the month of April. Dusty and I both have April birthdays and want to party! We will provide Juan Pollo Chicken, beans, rice, tortillas, mild salsa and potato salad for 60 people. If you have a birthday or would like to join our celebration bring something to share. We will also be camping so bring your camping fees and tents. Let's party!


We will not get to celebrate with all of you because my Dad has stopped aging and we are going to go celebrate the wonderful life he had. 

Party hardy my aging friends!  You will never catch up to me!