Insect bite


I was standing on Marshall launch Thursday May 4 at 10 am, and felt some pain ramping up in my lower left leg. Later in the day, my leg swelled up and had a red area that was itchy.

Picture taken today, 2 days later, with swelling down to 25%. Ignore the spots (made by a pricky bush the day before).

Wondering what type of insect bite has caused this (never saw it). I know, the white leg is scarier than the bite reaction.


a Sawsall either. You can't finely carve with it?

9 stiches to prove that therory!


I thought the orange barrier was impenetrable.

whatever prickly bush got you the day before left something in there and now you have swelling\cellulitis in that region. Pretty normal especially if it was a yucca or a cactus, you can remove an obvious spine but still usually swells and gets painful for a few days before finally clearing up.

(I get this in my hands when mountain biking, inadvertently punching yuccas all the way down some tight singletrack, takes a week for the redness around my knuckles to go away)

Does not look like a bug bite. If you are still concerned or if it gets worse, see a doctor.

As far as the saw....don't do anything 'rash'. Ok thanks i'll show myself out


while you doing setup your hg /pg laying on setup then fire ants climb into your harness or boot, even your glider wing setup areas before you get launch to fly off

DHG caught fire ants climb into my harness when i laying my harness on setup and i have wipe off fire ants and i triple check make sure no fire ants on harness include chute pocket ... also couple ants on my hg wing, i kicked ant off my wing then stomp them...

also inside ASian country in 2007 DHG got lot fire ants around my helmet and harness , my passenger got stung then DHG cancel tandem flight due fire ants around setup area there near fire ants nest areas then our ASian people put chemail to kill fire ants nest near launch areas in ASian ...

you better check your own helmet , harness , gear include wing bag. wing too before you wear and repare to launch and fly off (((( dont get sting or bite your skin inside harness during in flight !!! .... ))))