Another First (?) Solo


What did you do this past weekend?  Our fellow CSS member Nate Santee, had his first solo in a sailplane at the Lake Elsinore Soaring Club.  I guess this is not really his first solo since he has obviously soloed in both HG and PG.  Welcome to the tri-wingual club, Nate.  What type of wing is next?  (I know someone with a great little GA trainer)

From the LESC email distribution:

LESC Flight Of The Day - 05/14/2017

Date: 05/14/2017

Pilot: Nate Santee

Glider: SGS 2-33, N2488W

Description: First Solo!


See you in the air Alan

Thanks Alan! Actually, the glider I solo'd was the same one you took me up in for an introductory flight last year. A great memory. Solo on Sunday was a mid-day flight, with a decent quartering tailwind at takeoff. Quite bumpy in the air, got bounced pretty good once or twice; glad i had my harness tight. (After reading other site reports, i guess the air was bumpy everywhere Sunday.) Overall enjoyed flying solo a lot, the aircraft seemed a bit more responsive.

I highly recommend the sailplane experience to anyone with any interest in it. The training process is very rigorous and there is a lot of great things to learn and complement the other forms of flight we seek to master. Thanks again Alan for bringing it up on this forum last year and sparking my interesting in this.



Hi Nate,

Solo is a big accomplishment you can be proud of it.

my first solo was also in a 2-33 many years ago. I owned a single seat Lark sailplane with partners and was able to build time with just my student ticket in that being single seat.

I have since soloed a 2 place Sling LSA got my light sport rating in that and now fly PG.

Keep it up gliders are a fun for local flights.


That is an accomplishment to be proud of.

I went from hang gliding to gliders and did a commercial glider add on last August. Gliders opened up a whole new demension to flying.

If you ever get a chance, stop by Soaring Acedemy at Crystal airport 46CN some weekend. We have 3 Schleicher ASK 21 that would be appropriate for you, and a motor glider coming online shortly.

Flying above the San Gabriel mountains is a blast! When the winds are from the NE, it is like an elevator ride up the mountain slopes.

Thanks Don! Long time no see. Congrats to you on getting your Commercial rating! Yes i'll just be here working up toward my checkride and after i get the PPL-Glider, i will most certainly stop by Crystal.

The motorglider launch certification certainly seems worthwhile. Getting the best of both worlds there as long as conditions are VFR, which seems to be the only limitation. I love the concept of a motorized sailplane and that's one of the reasons i started.