Whacks back!


Tired of Facebook for a while...and checking out what’s happening on the forum....hope there's not a shitload of drama going on...that would drive me away for sure! "HOPE NOT"

I'm in Big Bear now along with the McKenzie’s and Andy my long time neighbor at the ranch is moving to Big Bear on the 9th of June as well! SHIT!!! Sounds like fun!

Trying to figure out chase cars, what car to haul us up, who's goanna drive, if anyone? How were goanna all end up in one place where we can tell "I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE STOREYS" with refreshments???

Isn't this the hardest equation in the world to figure out???   go figure? Big Bear is bad assed  beautiful and only about 45 min away...not so bad considering the pot of gold at the finish line! see you in the air! Kenny