AJX LZ - Club BBQ - Sunday May 28, 2017

Please join us in the landing zone for a club sponsored dinner. We are celebrating the end of a fantastic membership year and are looking forward to the next. As you may remember all memberships expire May 31st. Our monitor, Thelma, will be around if you would like to sign up for next year and have a cheese burger on us!

Also a big shout out to Mike and his family from Mountain Hardware in Wrightwood. They have generously donated 30 new chairs and some garden hoses to the landing zone. Super nice!

Hope to see you tomorrow evening!




smileyyes  PLEASE!  PLEASE!  Come to this wonderful fun celebration!  

What's better to do on this beautiful day before Memorial Day than be outdoors, FLY, make new flying friends and be with cool people, eat, and be entertained by watching the human birds flying.  

CSS only accepts CASH and personal checks to renew annual membership and storage fee in person but definitely paypal is available online.  If you can't join us today, there are other days for you to come and check us out so we can convince you to take tandem and learn how to fly.  smiley

Be safe and have a wonderful day!  SEE YOU OUT THERE!!






Thank you for organizing this. So nice to enjoy food and drink after a good flight.

You help make the airpark a wonderful place to be.