Tie Downs


They worked. Yesterday at about 2:30PM after landing a tandem, I walked my glider and tied it down using the recently installed tie downs with the glider tail down and tail to the prevailing cyclic wind with the tether tied to the hang loop with perhaps 1" of slack in the line (fairly snug). After tethering the wing, I assisted the passenger to de-harness and delivered to her the SD card. Walking back to the glider I heard someone hollering about a dust devil. I didn't see the demon but did notice the various people pointing toward the parking lot. As usual in a situation like this I walked (jogged) quickly to my glider and stood straddled on the base tube and leaned my weight to the rear of the glider as best I could to keep the glider tail down with all my weight. In about 10 or 15 seconds still hearing people yelling expletives about the impressive size of that dust devil and still not seeing it because I was under the glider with me head by the hang loop, a sudden swirl of wind at my location brought the awareness it was coming very close to me. In about 1 second I saw the gliders right wing start to lift and then with great speed it actually lifted the glider with me still there like it weighed nothing. The tether came very tight and I was looking down the length of it to the place it was anchored to the ground and I swear it had a couple hundred lbs of tension in it. The knot tightened and I could hear the creaking of the knot like what you might hear if you were towing one car with another by such a tether. Without the tie down I am quite sure my glider would have been severely damaged with it likely thrown like a leaf onto the new covered BBQ area and possibly hundreds of feet in all directions, not to mention the tremendous danger it could have been to spectators in the area. Moral of the story... these tie downs are valuable, and long overdue in their installation. Thank you David for pushing the concept and to Kevin Greene for coming up with the design and installing them. I suggest we get more of them installed and encourage everyone to make a habit of using them.

This incident during 2010 was part of the cause for losing our liability insurance. There were tie-downs available but for some reason the visiting pilot from the East Coast was unaware of the club's policy of having all gliders tied down prior to launch. The helpful spectator was seriously inujred. 



His original thread back in 2016 really caught my eye as I had seen a lot of aluminum and flesh damage from dusties over the years at Elsinore.

There were a few tie downs over at Elsinore but no one seemed to use them until AFTER a dusty rolled through.

Please use them every day from now until next winter.

Make it a habit.


K. Greene

On June 3, 2017 about 2 30 pm  While DHGs' Flight above marshall mountan little sink, lifting  

DHG saw dust in air  then  have wait to approach and landed on LZ areas move to parking areas,

then DHG  parking in front of place ( kathy warning me please move my wing to secure tied down

DHG  using a  nice tied down my wing for short time then break down my wing  and haul away ...

Here  Picture ===>>> 

it very nice secure my orange wing tied down while i work on break down wing..