Launch maintenance volunteers

While I'm sure everyone appreciates the job Jeremy did on the Crestline launch, the Marshall launch and the 750 are looking distinctly fuzzy.

We have the technology. A 15 HP brush mower that takes out grass and mustard plants like they're not even there. Or almost all the technology: I've ordered a five gallon fire extinguisher, which I think will be here Tuesday.

So what I'd like is to have a pickup truck with an open bed to haul the brush buster up to Marshall, and some volunteers to walk behind it.  You don't push it. You squeeze the clutch and it pops a wheeIie and pulls you forward. I think we may need the weed whacker as well, for the steeper parts of the ramp, but Owen and I were able to use this booger to clean up the 350 in not very much time.  The hardest part is turning it around, so really, the bigger the area is, the easier it is to use.

(Paraglider pilots may want to check out the 350, because I think it's going to be a lot easier to spread your wing out, now.)

If I get the Indian fire pump Tuesday, we could do this as early as Wednesday evening.  If we have 3 or 4 people, no one will have to work very hard. We could get Marshall done, and go on down to the 750 and clean that up edge to edge.




The place I bought the fire pump from says it'll be a couple of weeks. Maybe we can go up with a couple of chemical extinguishers.  I'm open to ideas and loans, since I don't expect to actually have to use an extinguisher.

Also, due to some family stuff, I need to go out of town Friday for an indefinite time.

Today was a great site coordinator day! I had minions volunteers, plural.

David Bratt, Reid Marlowe and Tom Evans pitched in to help mow Marshall.

Then they all flew.