777 Rook 2 M/S (80-100), 57hrs, $2200


777 Rook 2
High EN-B
Medium/Small (M/S)
57 Hours (logged)

Glider is in great condition, still very crispy with tons of life left. The trailing edge has some dust on it due to SoCal launches, but over all this glider is in fantastic shape. Always concertina packed and meticulously cared for. One lower C line was replaced by Torrey Pines Gliderport due to a tear in the outer sheathing. Never been wet, no SIV. Great wing for someone stepping up from the low-B class. I really love this wing and I have had several 50+ mile XC flights on it. Selling because I bought a Delta 3.

Available for test flight at Torrey Pines, Palomar Mtn, or AJX

San Diego, CA
$2,200 OBO