Crestline Sat/Sun Jun 17-18, 2017


Low inversion and low lapse rate made for weak climbs to ho-hum altitudes.

Saturday I launched Crestline at 2 PM with a Sport 2 155. Saw some 400-600 FPM but mostly 200-300 FPM. Sparse thermals but workable when found. One nice climb from below Marshall to 5,200 MSL with a couple of paragliders (red track in image).  Landed after 48 minutes because I had to be somewhere later.  Could have stayed up easily.

Sunday I launched Crestline at 3:55 PM with a U2 160.  Lightly ridge soarable, best thermal climb was to 5,575 at Billboard.  Pine similar. Was getting excited about 250 FPM in the Marshall/Cloud vicinity.  Got a little better a little before 5 PM.  Saw a mama deer and 1/2-size replica on the spine of Pine.  Showed a red tail hawk where a thermal was out in the middle of Devil Canyon.  Thermals off Regionals and Cloud were losing it at about 4,500 MSL.  Landed after 1:15.

Few out flying Sunday but a big cloud of PG's appeared over Marshall after I landed.

Video: Wingover at Crestline; buzzing paragliders at Marshall; thermalling with Mark Hoffman; landing at AJX.