Ord to Slash X Cafe 27 Miles the Hard Way


To make a long story short, our group of 3 PG and me on HG got to launch an hour late when it was already at the tail end of going off while blowing in. 2 PGs got off with one getting up but landing in Apple Valley, one in the LZ and the last little PG was too late to safely inflate. I launched into a parallel left cross from the SW sea breeze blowing through the pass which pretty well killed it and left me with scraps. I caught one climb near the tower which petered out then headed for the LZ which happens to be a good trigger. It was. I drifted 3 miles in near zero-sink before I got far enough over the valley for the thermal to rise much. I passed over Gareth but didn't realize it on my way to 10K + a little spare change. Since I didn't have a vehicle under me I change course from the sparsely populated path direct to the Black Mountain quarry and deviated to the mountain east of Apple Valley Airport. After much searching I connected there and headed over the quarry. I topped out back at 10K and went on the worst glide ever. Although my average L/D was 6.6 I had a tail wind the entire way to Slash X Cafe. I arrived with just enough altitude for a low save only to find even more sink all the way to the deck. The good news was that there weren't any dust devils to give me a repeat of Tuesday's near-carnage in Landers. The crew showed up soon afterwards and we enjoyed the facilities at Slash X before heading back to the LZ. Our noble driver, Nico requested I edit the video to a special tune which graces the first half of the edit. Enjoy!