Eclipse Road Trip?


Anyone planning on road tripping up the 15 to King Mtn or Sun Valley ID and take in the eclipse?

The eclipse is on Monday the 21st from 10 am till 1 pm, dark at 1130 for 2 minutes. 

I'll be rolling out any time from the 14th on, depending on the xc weather. Traveling light. Cot, tarp, and a sleeping bag. 


My son, Sean, and I will be heading up to King early Sunday morning and returning Wednesday morning. I'll take my glider but the only place I'll be able to fly is King. It will be a quick trip for us because of other family comitments during the 2 weeks Sean is home from Boston.

I am heading out to fly Hurricane/Cedar City for a few days along with Arthur S. Leaving Friday night. Heading north to King and maybe Inspo along the way also. Will be at the Kannaraville, Red Ledge RV park between Hurricane and Cedar if anyone wants to hook up.

The forecast now says drier air holding the wet to the south. Hoping to drive to the upper launch then hike to the top of king to see the south end of the shadow track east at 1400 MPH.